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10. American Airlines Flight 191

Fatalities : 273

Site: Illinois, USA

Type of Crash: Engine Detachment due to improper Maintenance

Aircraft Type: McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10

Year: 25th May, 1979

09. Iran Air Flight 655

Fatalities : 290

Site: Persian Gulf

Type of Crash: Airliner Shoot Down, Missile Attack

Aircraft Type: Airbus A300B2-203

Year: 3rd July, 1988

08. Air Africa Antonov  An-32

Fatalities : 300

Site: Kinshasa, DR Congo (then Zaire)

Type of Crash: Runway Overrun after Failed Takeoff

Aircraft Type: Antonov An-32 B

Year: 8th January, 1996

07. Saudia Flight 163

Fatalities : 301

Site: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Type of Crash: In-flight fire in cargo hold, Pilot Error

Aircraft Type: Lockheed L1011-200 TriStar

Year: 19th August, 1980

06. Iran Ilyushin II -76

Fatalities : 302

Site: Kerman, iran

Type of Crash: Disputed (Mid Air Collision, Weather, Terrorism)

Aircraft Type: Ilyushin Il-76

Year: 19th February, 2003

05. Air India Flight 182

Fatalities : 329

Site: Atlantic Ocean (South of Ireland)

Type of Crash: Bombing

Aircraft Type: Boeing 747-237B

Year: 23rd June, 1985

04. Turkish Airlines Flight 981

CG render of TC-JAV moments after failure of the cargo hatch.

Fatalities : 346

Site: Fontaine-Chaalis, Oise, France

Type of Crash: Cargo hatch failure and control cable failures. Design flaws

Aircraft Type: McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10

Year: 3rd March, 1974

03. Charkhi Dadri Mid Air Collission

(Saudi Airlines 763 & Kazakhstan Airlines 1907)

Fatalities : 349

Site: Charkhi Dadri, Haryana, India

Type of Crash: Mid-air collisiondue to Pilot Error on Kazakhstan Airlines aircraft

Aircraft Type: Ilyushin Il-76(Kazakhstan Airlines) & Boeing 747-168B (Saudi Airlines)

Year: 12th November, 1996

02. Japan Airlines Flight 123

Fatalities : 520

Site: Mount Osutaka, Japan

Type of Crash: In-flight structural failure, Explosive decompression, Maintenance errors

Aircraft Type: Boeing 747-146SR

Year: 12th August 1985

01. Tenerife Airport Disaster

(Pan American Airways & KLM)

Fatalities : 583

Site: Tenefire, Canary Islands

Type of Crash: Runway incursion, Pilot Error, ATC error and technical limitations

Aircraft Type: Boeing 747–121 (Pan American) & Boeing 747-206B (KLM)

Year: 27th March, 1977