About This Blog

I like to dig for information on the net but my preference while doing it is that the information must be correct, accurate and satiating. Unfortunately, the majority of the information is scattered and hap hazard. At some sites you will find the statistics but no pictures when required. At many sites the information is out dated and there are no references or links for the support.

While frustrated, I decided to start my own blog trying to address those issues which confronted me. I collect information religiously and research it very very thoroughly before posting. You will find every link in the post that would fulfill your appetite for that particular information. Furthermore, as the Top 10 lists are by and large subjective, due care is being taken to post only those rankings which are backed by accurate statistical data. Every post has relevant information e.g if a movie is being discussed you will find links like its Trailer, Movie review, Official website etc. Similarly, if you are reading the post on the world’s tallest buildings, you will be guided through the pictures of the building and the architect’s biography and work.

I would appreciate if you could give me feedback and enlighten me with new ideas to further improve my blog. Thanks and Enjoy!!

Email: sfbukhari@yahoo.co.uk

1 thought on “About This Blog”

  1. Markus Hansson said:

    Do you know who created the swedish flag you have under top 10 democracies? Its beautiful!

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