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The smoothest criminals in film history know who they are, know their marks and know how to dress like men.

Courtesy : AskMen

No 10 George Clooney as Danny Ocean (Ocean Franchise)



Clooney brought back the importance of looking good when ripping off Vegas casinos and eclipsed the style of the original film. His open-collar, dark-suited Ocean had a modern, casual style that was instantly embraced by tie-weary men across the globe.

No.9 Robert Redford As Johnny Hooker (Sting)



The bold suits with thick stripes, the fedora and the cap, the sharp shoulder lines of his jackets and the crisp colors make Redford’s Hooker a classic smooth criminal for the ages. While the clothes are from another era, the style and swagger they imbue in this small-time-crook-in-a-big-city caper are timeless.

No.8 Martin Sheen As Kit





Denim from head to toe gives Sheen’s memorable performance as a rebellious bad boy an all-American look. The white T-shirt and cowboy boots speak to his yearning to be an individual, a cowboy in a world hell bent on making him conform.

No.7 Jason Statham As Parker




Statham’s thief plays by his own rules in multiple disguises, but it’s as a wealthy Texan that Statham shows his style in modern suits with crisp shoulder lines, narrow lapels and double vents. Statham wears a suit just as well as Daniel Craig and they both know it.

No.6 Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Arthur




Playing DiCaprio’s partner in crime, Arthur, Joseph Gordon-Levitt reinvents geek chic with a sophisticated twist. As the planner — the engineer, if you will — to DiCaprio’s visionary mind, Arthur exudes understated confidence in fastidious suits with muted tones and clean lines.

No.5 Warren Beatty As Clyde Barrow

(Bonnie and Clyde)



Beatty infused style and personality into his portrayal of Barrow by wearing slim-cut suits and shirts — making the infamous bank robber a romantic anti-hero.

No.4 Jean-Paul Belmondo As Michel Poiccard/Laszlo Kovacs (Breathless)



Belmondo might be on the run as Michel, a petty thief, but his New-Wave style of wearing sunglasses and jewelry with classic jackets and ties brought a modern sensibility to criminal mystique. He’s slick but bohemian. He balances “edge” with “refinement.” Belmondo forever changed the way audiences and women around the world saw the outcast penniless drifter.

No.3 Michael Caine As Charlie Croker

(The Italian Job)



A Savile Row-clad thief whose suits are only outmatched by his libido and ambition to steal. The high-collared shirts and short cuffs on the jackets reveal an era devoted to cufflinks and Windsor knots.

No.2 Steve McQueen As Thomas Crown

(The Thomas Crown Affair)



McQueen perfected the bespoke look for criminals in his classic film about a bored millionaire turned high-class bank robber. McQueen had each piece of clothing hand-tailored for the film to express the level of detail Crown put into his heist.

No.1 Al Pacino As Michael Corleone

(The Godfather Franchise)



Under his handmade Italian suits, you know that Pacino as Corleone is plotting his next act of vengeance. The contrast between Italian bespoke and raw violence set a new standard for cinematic gangsters.