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The ranking is based on a mix of the following: Teaching, International Mix, Industry Income, Citations and Research. The World Reputation Rankings, a subsidiary of the overall World University Rankings, are based on the largest global survey of academic opinion ever undertaken: more than 13,000 experienced academics from 131 countries give their expert insight. (Source)

10. Yale University

Overall Score: 89.5

Location: New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Established: 1701

Motto (in English): Light and Truth

Endowement: 16.7 Billion $

Students: 11,593

Mascot: Handsome Dan


09. Imperial College, London

Overall Score: 90.6

Location: London, United Kingdom

Established: 8th July, 1907

Motto (in English): Knowledge is the adornment and protection of the Empire

Endowement: 58.8 Million GBP

 Students: 13,410


08. University of California Berkeley

Overall Score: 91.1

Location: Berkeley, California, USA

Established: 23rd March, 1868

Motto (in English): Let There Be Light

Endowement: 2.6 Billion $

Students: 35,843

Mascot: Oski the Bear


07. University of Oxford

Overall Score: 91.2

Location: Oxford, England, United Kingdom

Established: Unknown, Teaching existed since 1096

Motto (in English): The Lord is My Light

Endowement: 3.3 Billion GBP

Students: 20,330


06. University of Cambridge

Overall Score: 91.2

Location: Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Established: 1209

Motto (in English): From Here, Light and Sacred Draughts

Endowement: 3.95 Billion GBP

Students: 18,396


05. Princeton University

Overall Score: 94.2

Location: Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Established: 1746

Motto (in English): Under God’s Power She Flourishes

Endowement: 14.4 Billion $

Students: 7,567


04. Stanford University

Overall Score: 94.3

Location: Stanford, California, USA

Established: 1891

Motto (in English): The Wind of Freedom Blows

Endowement: 13.8 Billion $

Students: 15,319

Mascot: Stanford Tree (Unofficial)


03. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Overall Score: 95.6

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Established: 1861 (Opened in 1865)

Motto (in English): Mind and Hand

Endowement: 8.3 Billion $

Students: 10,384

Mascot: Tim the Beaver


02. California Institute of Technology

Overall Score: 96

Location: Pasadena, California, USA

Established: 1891

Motto (in English): The Truth Shall Make You Free

Endowement: 1.55 Billion $

Students: 2,175

Mascot: Beaver


01. Harvard University

Overall Score: 96.1

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Established: 1636

Motto (in English): Truth

Endowement: 27.4 Billion $

Students: 21,225

Mascot: Crimson